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(Of The) Institution And Education Of Children
(Of) Bookes
(Of) Friendship
That To Philosophise Is To Learne How To Die
That We Should Not Judge Of Our Happiness Until After Our Death


1533 Born near Bordeaux on the family estate named Montaigne to wealthy merchant and a mother from a wealthy Spanish-Portugese Jewish family from Toulouse.

1539 After six years of being raised by servants who only spoke Latin to him, Montaingne is sent to the college de Guienne in Bordeaux, a highly reputable school at the time.

1546 Sent to the University of Toulouse to study law.

1554 Made counceller in the Bordeaux parliament. Travels to Paris frequently and lives a life of excess.

1565 Marries Francoise de la Chassaigne, the daughter of a Bordeaux parliament member.

1568 Michel De Montaignes` father dies.

1569 Publishes his translation of Raymond Seybond`s Theologia naturalis which he had worked on at his father`s request.

1571 Retires to Montaigne to a life of study and contemplation.

1571 Receives the order of Saint-Michel.

1576 Writes The Defense of Raymond Seybond.

1580 Publication of the first two volumes of his Essays

1580 He travles to Paris to present a copy of Essays to the king and then sets out for Germany and Italy.

1581 While in Rome, receives word that he is elected mayor of Bordeaux and returns to France.

1588 Complete edition of the Essays published with the addition of the third volume.

09/13/1592 September 13, Montaigne dies at the Chateau de Montaigne.

1595 Mlle. de Gournay and Pierre de Brach publishes the authorized edition of the Essays.

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